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    Useful links

    Ministry of Education: Parents
    Helpful information for parents on early childhood education.

    Ontario Ministry of Children, Community & Social Services
    Helpful information for parents on children’s health and development.

    Peterborough Children’s Services
    A link to the City of Peterborough’s Children’s Services website where you will find information on fee subsidies and community services that help children and families.

    Peterborough Public Health
    For families in the community, Peterborough Public Health offers programs and information on many subjects, including healthy living, immunizations and child development.

    Five Counties Children’s Centre
    Five Counties Children’s Centre helps children with physical, communication and developmental challenges, and their families.

    Kinark Child and Family Services
    A children’s mental health organization that provides help to children and youth, families and community.

    Stsco School Bus Information
    This is where you will find information on transportation and bus cancellations due to weather.

    Joint Statement on Safe Sleep
    An important article on the principles of safe sleep for infants.