Every child is an active, engaged learner who explores the world with body, mind, and senses

  • We provide environments that facilitate creative, meaningful play and inquiry. We plan for child-initiated and adult-supported experiences where the educators participate as co-investigators, co-learners, and co-planners.
  • Connection with families and communities ensures that our programming reflects and is relevant to children’s everyday lives. We work with families and community partners to provide equal, flexible learning experiences through program adaptations, including the provision of special equipment and/or adaptive devices.
  • Indoor and outdoor play as well as quiet time create a balanced day. We consider the individual needs and capabilities of each child as we move through activities designed to spark curiosity, invite investigation, and provide challenges.
  • Routines are planned carefully to flow with limited interruptions and transitions. We maintain a sense of calm and simplicity for infants and toddlers, and provide ample opportunities for older children to engage in complex play.
  • We weave numeracy, language, and literacy related activities and materials into daily life. Learning together helps the children to foster close relationships, spark conversations, and share cultural traditions with each other.
Child examining something with a magnifying glass