You are encouraged to take an active role in our child care centre and regularly discuss what your child(ren) are experiencing with our program. We support positive and responsive interactions among everyone at the centre, and foster ongoing communication with parents/guardians about the program and your children.

Our centre maintains high standards for positive interaction, communication and role-modeling for children. Harassment and discrimination will therefore not be tolerated from any party.

Bulletin Boards
Stay informed by checking our bulletin boards. All happenings at the school will be posted there.

Parking is available on the building side of the Daycare (angled spots). Please do not park in the right-of-way, and for safety reasons, please turn off your car when parked on Daycare property.

All matters are treated confidentially, and every effort will be made to protect the privacy of parents/guardians, children, staff, students and volunteers.
Sometimes, when the situation warrants, we are legally responsible to disclose information (e.g., to the Ministry of Education, College of Early Childhood Educators, law enforcement authorities, or a Children’s Aid Society).

Parental Involvement

We are an incorporated non-profit, charitable organization, therefore all members must have an active role in the running of the Daycare. Our Annual Meeting is held the Third Wednesday of October. This is when we elect our Board Members and at least one adult from each registered family should attend.

Events are organized to enable parents and staff to get together in a social setting while raising money for the program. The proceeds from these events have enabled the organization to enrich and expand our toys, equipment, and library resources.

Program Development
Programs are re-evaluated regularly to reflect changes with the Early Years Act and ideologies on early childhood education. Newsletters will be sent to the parents, informing you of workshops, as well as topics of interest, events and Buckhorn Daycare news.
** Meetings are not held during the months of July and August unless necessary.

Buckhorn Daycare provides a transparent process for parents/guardians, the child care licensee, and staff to use when parents/guardians bring forward issues and concerns. All matters raised are taken seriously and addressed as quickly as possible. They may be brought forward verbally or in writing, and every effort will be made to resolve issues to the satisfaction of all parties.

Suspected Abuse or Neglect of a Child
Everyone is required by law to report suspected cases of child abuse or neglect. For more information, visit the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services website.