There is no charge to be put on our waitlist. Access is based on the availability of space. We respect the child care requirements of all families and treat everyone fairly.

How do we get on the waitlist?
Simply visit OneHSN.com/Peterborough to get on the waitlist.

Priority is given in the following order:

  1. Children that have a sibling already enrolled in the program
  2. Returning families
  3. New families located in the Buckhorn community
  4. Families residing outside of the Buckhorn community

Your child’s status on the waitlist will be shared upon request. As openings occur you will be notified by telephone. Any family who declines a space but wishes to stay on the waitlist is placed in a holding file and is not re-contacted until they have requested reactivation.

Families are removed from the waitlist if:

  • Their child is no longer age-appropriate
  • They do not return the phone call requesting confirmation of interest in a space.
  • They are not able to be contacted by phone because the phone number is out of service.
  • They have moved and have not left a forwarding number.

Buckhorn Daycare reserves the right to decline a space to a returning family whose account is in arrears and to close the waiting list at any time.